Helping Families Recover After Disaster

rebuilding homes and restoring hope

Thousands of families in the Katy area continue to struggle with repairs they can’t afford and bills that can’t be paid. They are living in homes without walls or no running water. They’re dealing with the shame and guilt of their circumstances.

Give These Families Hope Again

Repaired Homes

Families can finally move past the pain and love their homes again.

Renewed Faith

Help them see there is strength in a community that supports each other.

restored family

They can create new memories free of the burden of costly repairs

The Results Of Your Giving

Families Restored

Volunteer Hours

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You  can make a difference


you give

Donate To Our Mission


We Rebuild

We Partner Together To Rebuild Homes


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Watch As Families and Homes Are Restored

Other Ways To Help


When you choose to give your time to help others, you help restore hope for a family.


Let our families know that you are praying for them.

why katy responds

At Katy Responds, we know that families want to live in a home that isn’t a reminder of their devastation. To do that, they need help to rebuild their life and their home. The problem is that they can’t afford the repairs, and government programs have run out of funding, which makes them feel forgotten and marginalized.


We believe every family deserves to love and live in their home again. We know how it feels to look around your home and see repairs you can’t afford to make. Katy Responds has helped hundreds of families in the Katy area rebuild and restore their homes after a disaster strikes.


Here’s how you can help: First, you donate to Katy responds. Then, we use those donations to rebuild homes and families in the Katy area. Lastly, you get to see a home and a family healed, restored, and rejoin their community.


So give now to restore a family’s home, and hope. You can help families move past their loss and start making new memories in their home again.

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