5 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day in 2021

Happy National Nonprofit Day! 

If you’ve clicked on this post, you’ve made the first step in celebrating. If you want to celebrate by making a difference in your community, look no further! 

We’ve got 5 easy ways you can celebrate National Nonprofit Day in 2021. 


What is National Nonprofit Day? 

Like any holiday, it’s always best to know why you’re celebrating! National Nonprofit Day was created by Sherita J. Herring back in 2017 to bring attention to all of the organizations investing time, money, and energy into bettering the community! 


Why August 17th? 

That’s when the Tariff Act of 1894 was signed into law. For those who don’t know, this act imposed the first federal income tax on corporations. It also, however, exempted nonprofit organizations from paying taxes. There have been a few changes to this law over its 126+ years in effect, but it has remained in effect nonetheless.


How to Celebrate

Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Nonprofit Day and make an awesome impact in the process! 


Find Out What Needs Are In Your Community

Look up what nonprofits in your area are trying to do for your community. You might discover a cause you didn’t even know existed!

At Katy Responds, we help families in the Katy, TX area restore their natural disaster-damaged homes. These families end up marginalized after government aid runs out, leaving their homes in awful condition for years afterward. We’ve already helped to restore 100 homes and there are still plenty of others that need our help! 

There are several organizations like ours that help to meet needs in the community that are often overlooked and go unnoticed. Awareness is the first step towards making a difference, so don’t be shy about increasing that awareness! 

Spread the Word

One of the simplest things you can do on National Nonprofit Day to help your community is to spread the word about a local nonprofit! 

You can: 

  • Repost an Instagram photo from your favorite nonprofit on your IG story and encourage your friends to go follow! 
  • Post the nonprofit Facebook page on your Facebook wall and encourage your friends to go like the page!
  • Encourage your friends and family to check out the nonprofit website and see what the organization is about!

By spreading the word, you help to raise more awareness about the looming issues in your community and how your nonprofit, with more help, can diminish those issues! 


Donate What You Can!

Every little bit counts! Even $5 (the equivalent cost of a cup of coffee) can help take a nonprofit organization from point A to point B with a project. 

Another way you can get involved is by participating in a fundraiser. 

For example, here at Katy Responds we are running a Muck and Gut fundraiser! Donating $75 can help us afford a Muck and Gut kit for a family, saving them THOUSANDS in hurricane damage expenses. This Muck and Gut kit will allow us to quickly get in and remove harmful, dangerous mold and water from a family’s home. 

Sign up to Volunteer

 The more helping hands a nonprofit has, the faster work can get done and the quicker that effective change can be implemented in the community. 

Usually, you don’t need to have a special set of skills or talent to volunteer. The gift of your time and energy is enough to make a change that turns the whole community around.

Here at Katy Responds, we’re always appreciative of more helping hands! If you’re interested in helping us restore a home and the lives of the family therein, head on over to our volunteer page and sign up for a project! Don’t worry, you don’t need any special home renovating skills. You tell us how you’d like to help us out, whether it be painting, demolition, fencing, or anything else and we will take care of making sure you do it safely and effectively!

It’s so easy to volunteer, even a kid can do it (and sometimes they do!). 


Sign up for the email list

Can’t donate or make time to volunteer? No problem! Sign up for the email list! 

Most nonprofit organizations will update you on their needs and the ways that you can help them out through their email list. If you can’t help now, the next best step would be to make sure you give yourself the ability to help out in the future! 

You can sign up for our email list here!


Make a Difference on National Nonprofit Day!

By doing even one of these things, you are helping turn your community around for the better.

Here’s to a National Nonprofit Day that makes a difference!