Get to know about Katy Responds and our team

Who is Katy Responds

Katy Responds has provided disaster relief to hundreds of families in the Katy area. The problem that these families often run into is twofold; they can’t afford the repairs needed and the government programs have run out of funding. You can imagine how forgotten and marginalized that makes these families feel.

Our mission is to ensure that every family can love and live in their home without being forced to deal with the awful side effects of a disaster. We know how difficult it is for families to have to shift their lifestyle to accommodate a disaster-impacted home. We believe every family deserves to live life like normal in a home without these issues.

Here’s how you can help: First, donate to Katy Responds. Then, we use those donations to rebuild homes and restore the lives of the families therein in the Katy area. Lastly, you get to see a home restored and a family healed as they rejoin their community.

So give now to restore a family’s home, and hope. You can help families move past their loss and start making new memories in their home again.

Ready to partner with us?

There are numerous ways to partner with Katy Responds and contribute to our mission of providing aid and support to the community.  Whether it’s lending a hand on a job site, assisting with administrative tasks, or simply giving financially, your efforts help rebuild and restore the homes of needy families in your community.