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Manzano Family

The Manzanos are a family of five that have been living in Katy for over twenty years. During Harvey, their home took on four feet of water, causing extensive damage to their home.
After evacuating for ten months, they finally came back home to begin rebuilding. Unfortunately, they became the victims of contractor fraud. Since then, they have been living with missing cabinets, floors, and appliances. They have been sharing one half working bathroom.
We need your help to move forward with this family, and others like them. Let’s work together to rebuild homes and restore hope!
The Iversons have lived in Katy with their three autistic children for 12 years. They moved into their current home months before Hurricane Harvey came through.
They had no idea that Harvey was only the beginning of what they would go through.
We were able to help this family rebuild their home. But there are dozens of families in similar situations waiting for help. Partner with us to restore hope for those families.
The Dorey family suffered a major loss even before Harvey. The hurricane destroyed the first floor of their mother’s home. Then she was a victim of contractor fraud.
They Doreys (and there 2 young children) sold their home and moved in with their mother and sister to help with repair costs.
We were able to finish the work needed and welcome them home again. There are more families whose story isn’t finished.

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