Meet some of the Katy Responds families

To date, Katy Responds has had the privilege of helping over 170  families. While projects range from small to large, our goal is always to try and restore hope through rebuilding their homes.

Some Of Our Current Families

Cynthia Broom is a single mom with two now grown children. Her father gave her house when the children were young. She was working two jobs and going to school. She completed her undergrad and even received a master’s degree. She tried for years to get insurance but was denied because companies required her to get a new roof before they would insure the house.

Cynthia’s father died in the Spring and then on August 10, 2022 she was finishing her shift at 10L30 at her second job when lighting hit her house. When she arrived home her street was blocked off by police and firetrucks. The roof was gone and there were huge holes in the walls. She is very thankful that no one was at home at the time of the fire.

She is so thankful Corporal James, a constable with Precinct 5 helped her through the initial shock and helped her get assistance through the Red Cross. Cynthia continues to work at Buckees and Lowes and is appreciative of any help she gets.

Some Of Our Past Families

Grandpa Pete

Sixty-nine-year-old Peter retired as a Youth Counselor when the Krause Center closed. He is legally blind, and his vision is getting worse. Peter is raising five of his grandchildren (Nick 19, Dylan 18, Elysia 16, Destiny 12, and Mariah 10) who live in the home.

Pipes in the house burst after winter storm Uri. The family had no hot water for two years and only one working bathroom. Mold and rotting cabinets in the kitchen made this home a hazard.

Peter is a grateful Christian who appreciates any help he can get to make his home safe for his grandchildren who enjoy Girl Scouts, gymnastics, band, and track. He would like to work, but his increasing vision loss is making his life challenging.

Ms. Perez

Ms. Perez is a resilient single mother who endured the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The destructive forces of the hurricane left her entire home damaged, forcing her to make the difficult decision of leaving with her three boys as it became unlivable. For two long years, they sought refuge elsewhere while their home remained in disrepair. Thanks to the support of Katy Responds, hope and happiness have been restored. Our dedicated team stepped in to rebuild their home, creating a safe haven where Ms. Perez and her boys are finally home again. The joy and relief on their faces speak volumes as they are back in their own home at last.

Ms Jackson

Let’s introduce you to Ms. Jackson, a single mom raising her two amazing adult special needs sons. Their home took a hit during Hurricane Harvey, leaving it severely damaged and without water and air conditioning for years. But guess what? Even with all these hardships, Ms. Jackson didn’t stop giving back to her community through volunteering. Now, thanks to Katy Responds, we were able to step in and rebuild their home! Ms. Jackson and her sons finally have a safe and comfy space they can call their own. Let’s celebrate their strength and the power of community support together!

Gray Brothers

After tragically losing his mother, stepfather, and grandfather, Jaylan and his younger brother, Julian, found themselves grappling with grief and loss. As if that weren’t enough, their home was severely damaged by a brutal winter storm. Determined to care for his brother, Jaylan made the difficult decision to drop out of college to provide stability and support during this trying time. Despite the hardships, Jaylan’s unwavering strength and love for his family shine through, making him an inspiration to us all. With your partnership, Katy Responds was able to come in and rebuild their home, restoring hope and providing a safe haven for Jaylan and his brother.

You can see more of our amazing families’ stories on our Youtube channel.