Serving with Katy Responds is fun and rewarding. You will make friends & you will likely sweat. You will go home tired & go home with a full heart. If you are ready to begin volunteering, please fill out our sign up form here. If you need more information about what how you can partner with us, keep reading below!

Who Will You Help?

Volunteers help in the direct and indirect restoration of homes for families impacted by Hurricane Harvey or prepare our community for the next emergency.

What Will You Do?

Volunteers can help with a variety of roles! Use your gifts and energy to decide what fits best. All training, safety instruction/gear and supervision provided. You can expand each role to get a more detailed description.

Hospitality, Family Support & Encouragement
These roles would encompass tangible caring for our homeowners and volunteers. These roles are the best roles for the “whole family” and easy ways to engage kids, teens, and parents. Some examples of service areas in this category would be:

  • Family Meal Provider / Volunteer Meal Provider
  • Translator
  • Prayer with Homeowners / Volunteers
  • Prayer Walks (or Drives) Around Impacted Communities
  • Welcome Home Signs / Cards / Holiday Items
  • Ministry of Presence (Care over Coffee)
  • Childcare for Recovering Families
  • Delivering Care Packages to Families
  • Set Up, Tear Down, Cleaning for Family or Events
  • Laundry for Recovering Families / Out of Town Volunteer Laundry
  • And many more…

Community Engagement
Katy did an amazing job in the reaction to Hurricane Harvey, but it is the community’s task to ensure each home is recovered. Broad county level recovery data from agencies such as FEMA and Red Cross paint one picture but not at a neighborhood level. We would love to have the entire Katy community canvassed to ensure every home impacted would have the opportunity to experience wholeness again. We also have many opportunities to represent Katy Responds to churches, businesses, and in congressional meetings.

  • Neighborhood Canvassing
  • Canvassing Team Leader
  • Canvassing Trainer
  • Data Input of the Canvassing results
  • Recovery Event Coordinator
  • Engaging Recovery Agencies
Katy Responds needs strong representation in all sources of media: social, print, digital, and news. We welcome skilled volunteers who would love to connect, enhance, and plug into this field. We put out multiple monthly newsletters and emails to our network partners. Having key volunteers who enjoy sharing the message of Katy Responds, the Katy community, and disaster preparedness- allow us to ensure we are effectively sharing the message.

  • Photography (Projects & Events)
  • Maintain Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Write Articles for Newsletters / Updates
  • Write / Rebuild Recovery Stories
  • Publicize the Network
  • Seek out opportunities for Media Exposure
Construction & Repair (High experience or less)
No skill is necessary. We have people of all experience levels participate in this area of service. We will coach you along the way to develop comfort with job-site safety, tools, craftsmanship, and new found passions.

Construction Leadership

  • Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Home Repair Assessor
  • HVAC / Plumbing / Electrician / Tile Setting
  • And more…

Construction Participation

  • General Construction
  • Sanitation (Mold Remediation)
  • Demolition
  • Door / Trim Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Appliance Installation
  • Drainage Improvements
  • And more…
Logistics & Warehouse Support
In order for the house to become a home again, logistics and support play a crucial role. Being able to ensure the correct materials are ordered in budget and delivered on time for volunteers make the volunteer processes seamless. If you like spreadsheets, shopping, organization, and driving- these roles will be right for you.

  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Coordinate Heavy Equipment
  • Material Choices Coordinator
  • Materials & Tool Logistics
  • Construction Runner/Driver
Katy Responds Administration & Leadership
We appreciate that in our community we have so many gifted individuals that have hearts for non-profits and they want to make a difference in our local community as well as the greater Houston area. Without effective administration and leadership, Katy Responds cannot successfully direct the community recovery and emergency planning activities.

  • Board of Directors & Advisory Board Membership
  • Support the Katy Responds Staff
  • Network Volunteer Coordinator
  • Prayer Leader
  • Grant Writing & Fundraising
  • Build Community Relationships

Who Can Volunteer?

Individuals and groups are welcomed to volunteer!

  • Ages 13 and under: Many opportunities exist but not on construction sites
  • Ages 14-15: Parent/guardian must be present on site with minor & a parent/guardian must sign the waiver upon registration.
  • Ages 16-17: Chaperone over the age of 18 must be onsite with the minor & parent/guardian must sign the waiver upon registration.
  • Ages 18+: No restrictions

What is the Time Commitment?

Our work days are generally 8:30-2:30. However, there are a variety of needs – let us know your interest and timing in serving.

What to Expect On-Site?

  • Please bring your own refillable water bottle.
  • If you will be working outside of the office: NO open-toed or open-heeled shoes. NO TOMS or other cloth-like shoes. Wear shoes that are sturdy and appropriate for construction work such as sneakers or boots. Wear clothes that are appropriate for a construction site.
  • After signing up, your exact task and location will be sent to you before your serve day. Please keep an eye out for emails.
  • If you have special requests or work restrictions, please be sure to notify Katy Responds of those issues.

When am I needed?

You can see all of our upcoming work days on our calendar here.

Ready to start?

To start volunteering with Katy Responds, please fill out our sign up form here.